For the Public Good

Since its establishment, Yoon & Yang, has actively promoted
and supported attorneys’ pro bono activities.

  • Leading group of ethical legal professionals upholding social responsibility
    Yoon & Yang’s attorneys endeavor to fulfil their social responsibility as legal practitioners to create an ethical legal culture within our society. Since the law firm’s establishment, Yoon & Yang has been dedicated to engaging in various pro bono activities with the aim of becoming a “leading group of ethical legal professionals.” In March 2012, Yoon & Yang’s Pro Bono Committee was founded and chaired by Mr. Hong Hoon Lee (Yoon & Yang’s senior adviser and a former Supreme Court Justice), thereby laying the groundwork for Yoon & Yang to pursue pro bono activities.

    In November 2014, the Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation was established to engage in pro bono activities in a more systematic manner.
  • Community service group “Sharing People”
    Starting from a small-scale community volunteer group in 2003, “Sharing People” consists of attorneys and employees at Yoon & Yang who participate in annual volunteer activities. Recent activities have included free briquette deliveries for the underprivileged, planting trees at the Han River, and helping out at facilities for single mothers, those with disabilities and the underprivileged.
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