The Yoon & Yang Environmental Regulation Response Center is comprised of attorneys with expertise in environmental law and experts who have accumulated practical experience in environmental agencies. Based on our extensive advisory experience and understanding of policies, institutions, technologies, and industries, we provide comprehensive legal services including advice on all environmental laws and regulations, M&A due diligence, and response to administrative adjudication, administrative & civil litigation, and criminal punishment.

Key Services

  • Advice on environmental laws including those regarding air, water quality, wastes, soil pollution, and hazardous chemicals
  • Response to preliminary injunctions related to public/private contract bidding such as soil remediation projects, and design/construction of environmental facilities, etc.
  • Response to civil litigation such as environment-related damages and contract payment disputes
  • Response to administrative dispositions related to environmental laws and regulations (administrative trials and litigation) and criminal cases
  • Environmental law-related due diligence for M&As and other transactions and contracts
  • Advice on compliance with environmental laws
  • Legal advice in regard to climate change, carbon neutrality, and circular economy

Representative Cases

  • Regular advice on soil remediation projects (returned US military base, large-scale development project sites, etc.)
  • Regular advice on waste treatment companies (comprehensive recycling businesses, etc.)
  • Environmental due diligence related to the acquisition of wastewater treatment companies, waste incineration & landfill sites, and recycling companies
  • Advice on wastewater discharge facilities and standards for discharge (Water Environment Conservation Act)
  • Advised TERRABIO on wastes and byproducts
  • Advice on soil pollution in smelters and response to related criminal matter
  • Response to litigation such as damages claims related to soil contamination and payment for remediation
  • Response to injunctions related to public & private contract bidding
  • Administrative disposition response and cancellation litigation against multiple construction and environment-related companies