Recently, the financial market has witnessed not only the continuous increase in the number of traditional disputes related to the lending/deposit businesses and financial investment services, but also the emergence of various issues, including derivative instrument disputes, securities-related class action disputes, fund disputes, cryptocurrency disputes, financial institution M&A disputes, phishing disputes, and IT-related financial institution disputes, with the advancement of financial instruments and the increased complexity of the financial market. Yoon & Yang’s attorneys with expert knowledge in banking, securities, insurance, funds, derivatives transactions, project financing & securitization transactions, and other general financial transactions deliver excellent outcomes by offering financial advice proactively and guiding clients in financial litigations.

Key Services

  • Advisory services and litigation regarding investor compensation related to disputes arising out of the mis-selling of hedge fund products
  • Litigation for nullification, revocation, and damages regarding stocks, funds, or other financial investment instruments
  • Civil and criminal litigation and advisory services regarding derivative instruments, such as KIKO and ELW
  • Litigation for nullification, revocation, and damages related to loan agreements, ABL, ABCP, or other financial transactions
  • Litigation for damages related to M&As
  • Securities-related class actions
  • Litigation for damages related to cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Litigation related to foreign trade financing and export insurance


Representative Cases

  • Represented commercial banks and securities firms in disputes related to the mis-selling of hedge fund products, including DLF and Lime Fund
  • Represented Woori Bank and NH Investment & Securities in litigation for damages regarding a foreign real estate fund
  • Litigation regarding the civil liability of an asset manager in connection with the design and management of a hedge fund (aircraft special asset fund)
  • Represented Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and Industrial Bank of Korea in civil and criminal litigation regarding KIKO currency options
  • An ELW-related criminal case involving fraudulent unfair trading under the Capital Markets Act
  • Represented Hana Bank and Nonghyup Bank in litigation seeking the return of payment guarantee and damages regarding the KTENS loan fraud
  • Represented Woori Bank in litigation seeking the nullification of ABB Korea’s loan
  • Represented Meritz Securities in litigation seeking the confirmation of the non-existence of debt related to the Namchuncheon CC PF loan
  • Represented Busan Bank in litigation seeking the return of the ABCP sales price
  • Represented NICE Investors Service in litigation for damages in connection with ABCP
  • Litigation regarding the breach of representations and warranties in various financial institution M&A deals
  • Represented BTCKorea.com (Bithumb) in litigation for damages regarding a cryptocurrency exchange server failure
  • Represented Hana Bank in various export insurance litigation cases regarding the financing insurance contracts of foreign businessesRepresented KB Insurance and AIA Life Insurance in litigation seeking the return of insurance solicitation fees in connection with the mis-selling of insurance policies