Yoon & Yang’s Finance Practice provides clients with premier service on all aspects of not only real estate spot transactions—our practice spans offices, retail, warehouses, hotels, golf clubs, SOC, and domestic and foreign real estate development projects—but also all areas of real estate industry—including development, leases, trusts, financing, securitization, and creation of collective investment schemes. It counsels lenders, asset management companies, and investors on structuring a wide range of complicated financial transactions and the overall regulatory issues that may affect our clients’ business. It offers one-stop legal services for all aspects of real estate transactions, including real estate regulations and tax affairs.

Key Services

  • Reviewing the optimal real estate transaction structure
  • Performing real estate due diligence
  • Advising on loan agreements, project agreements, and other agreements for raising funds in connection with real estate
  • Reviewing lease agreements, development projects, loan agreements, and securitization
  • Reviewing the laws and regulations and the transaction structure of collective investment schemes and real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Analyzing the lawfulness of transaction structures by reviewing the Capital Markets Act, Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, antitrust and competition laws, and other relevant laws and regulations
  • Reviewing regulations, including those related to transaction reporting, registration, licenses/permits, and disclosure, and consulting with regulatory authorities, including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Financial Supervisory Service
  • Reviewing the transaction structure to minimize tax-related expenses


Representative Cases

Domestic investment

  • Advised on purchase transactions, sales transactions, and management of major distribution centers, including the Incheon Distribution Center
  • Advised on the purchase transactions, development, and sales transactions of major commercial facilities and department stores (Galleria Department Store, YBM Gangnam Station site development, Lotte Mart, Yeongdeungpo Times Square, SEI Tower, Glass Tower, Gangnam MITAA Tower, HSBC Building, Geohwa Building, Sambu Plaza, Dongtan Center Point Mall, Namsan STX Tower, Gangnam P Tower, Grace Tower, Jongno Tower, NH Nonghyup Capital Building, and others)
  • Advised on the development and sales transactions of large-scale apartment complexes and public rental housing (development projects through REITs, including the Cheongna District, the Yeongdong District, the Byeollae District, and the Gimpo Hangang District, econstruction, redevelopment, development of local housing associations, IGIS Residence REIT, development of welfare facilities, and others)
  • Advised on the development, purchase/sales transactions, and management of major hotels (Millennium Hilton Hotel, Banyan Tree Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Stars Hotel, Toyoko Inn Hotel, E-Land Group, and others)
  • Advised on the development of domestic tourism complexes and the development and purchase/sales transactions of golf courses (Yeosu Gyeongdo Marine Tourism Complex sales transaction, Legoland development, Sejong CC golf course development, Taean Country Club refinancing and assignment transactions, the golf course fund created by Mirae Asset Global Investments, and others)
  • Advised on the lease transactions of major hotels, golf courses, theaters, and commercial facilities, among others (Tmark Hotel, movie theaters, and others)
  • Advised on the listing of major REITs (E-REITs KOCREF, among others)
  • Advised on the purchase and sales transactions of major corporate office buildings and factories (sale of Hynix’s factory, purchase of Citibank’s office building, purchase of YIK’s office building, sale of Hite Jinro’s Seocho office building, sale of Korea National Oil Corporation’s building, and others)

Overseas investment

  • Advised Samsung Electronics on its investment in a building in Dallas, U.S.
  • Advised on the financing of a condominium project in Manhattan, U.S.
  • Advised on the Times Square remodeling project in New York, U.S.
  • Advised on the mezzanine loan of a hotel in Hawaii, U.S.
  • Advised on a fund investing in office buildings in Japan
  • Advised on the Tashkent City Project and Delta City Project in Uzbekistan; advised on an investment in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Advised on a housing complex development project, a construction company/design office on a real estate development project, and a hotel development project in Vietnam
  • Advised on the purchase of an office building and an investment deal in a hotel in Cambodia, an investment deal in a hotel in Laos, and a business center development project in Myanmar
  • Advised on the purchase of a hotel and office in San Jose, U.S.
  • Advised on the sale of a hotel and an industrial complex site in Vietnam
  • Advised on the sale of an office building and the operation and management of an SPC for holding land in Cambodia
  • Advised on hotel development projects in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand
  • Advised on incineration plant development projects in Thailand and Vietnam
  • Advised on the purchase of a hotel in Cebu, the Philippines